Songs of the month

Music is a BIG part of my life, especially now I’m at uni. There is music constantly playing in the kitchen through the speakers (I’ve kinda taken control over this), so I thought I’d share the songs I’ve been constantly listening to this month.

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Makeup Musts

Now I am a proper makeup hoarder. As in I don’t like to throw anything away just in case I need that one particular shade of brown eye shadow for when I go out to that one particular place (which I’ll probably never go to). I also have a thing where I like to keep the packaging (I don’t know how to justify this). With my large and ever so growing collection of makeup I thought I’d write about a few of my favourite items to use, and if you’re looking for any new bits this may help! ☺

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Trying something new..

For someone who suffers with random bursts of anxiety, I try to throw myself into new things on a regular basis, without really knowing I’m doing it.

As an example, since October of 2015, I have had three jobs, now onto my fourth. Not one of these jobs was I fired, in fact I just wanted to start something different. Now if any of you out there suffer with anxiety you would know that starting a new job is a BIG thing, however I know that everyone experiences first day nerves. But imagine these feelings you get multiplied by 100 and you’ll then understand how I feel every few months before my next new job. You’re probably thinking why would you keep getting yourself into these situations if you can’t handle the stress that comes with it, and tbh I can’t really give you an answer.

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